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Thumbnail of Showcase 6: Lhumos training portal
Lhumos, offers a revolutionary platform for the delivery of training materials and the
showcasing of projects like DOME 4.0.
Its user-friendly interface, powered by REACT for the frontend and the Clowder framework
for backend operations, ensures easy access to complex educational content.
A notable feature of Lhumos is its use of automatic metadata extractors, which facilitate
enhanced accessibility, including lightweight PDF previews and dynamic navigation within
video presentations through OCR technology. This innovative approach significantly
improves user engagement and makes educational content more digestible.
Currently in its alpha phase and accessible at, Lhumos invites users to
explore its functionalities and provide feedback to help enhance the platform further. This
showcase not only highlights the capabilities of Lhumos in providing an advanced showcase
of learning materials and tutorials, but also demonstrates the collaborative potential of
technology in elevating learning experiences and project presentations on a global scale
Created on Jun 18, 2024
Thumbnail of Showcase 9: Virtual Development Of Composite Materials
Showcase 9 in the DOME 4.0 project focuses on leveraging materials informatics to accelerate the design of custom composite materials, particularly in industries like automotive manufacturing. Traditionally, designing such materials has been slow and costly, but materials informatics, a data-driven approach, promises to revolutionize this process.

Collaborating with Siemens Digital Industries Software, Citrine Informatics, and SABIC, this showcase aims to integrate materials informatics into the DOME 4.0 platform, facilitating faster and more precise material selection. By analyzing historical data and predictive models, materials informatics provides swift and accurate recommendations for composite ratios, enhancing adaptability and offering insights into physical properties. This technology holds immense potential for various industries, promising to streamline material design, optimize costs, and meet sustainability objectives in the future.
Created on May 01, 2024
Thumbnail of Showcase 4: Structural Adhesives - Fatigue Life
In structural engineering, predicting the fatigue life of structural adhesives is essential for various industrial applications, but it's challenging due to the complex nature of material properties and loading conditions. Traditional modeling methods are time-consuming, making virtual design optimization difficult for industrial products.

To address this, researchers are exploring hybrid models that blend physics-based and data-driven approaches, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze existing data. Showcased in the DOME 4.0 project, this hybrid model collaboration between Fraunhofer IFAM, Siemens Digital Industries Software, and Citrine Informatics aims to enhance fatigue predictions for structural adhesives. By combining machine learning with physics-based models, these hybrid models offer insights into material behavior, guiding the selection of optimal adhesives for various applications. As research and industry collaboration continue, hybrid models are expected to advance our understanding of structural adhesive joints, bridging data insights with physics principles for improved product performance.
Created on May 01, 2024
Thumbnail of Showcase 3: Polymer Additives For Corrosion Protection
Fraunhofer IFAM's showcase 3 focuses on accelerating the development of polymeric additives for corrosion protection through a Cheminformatics approach. Typically, the data required for such development is dispersed across various sources, including databases, simulations, and experiments. By consolidating and integrating this data throughout the development process, the showcase aims to streamline the selection of promising development routes. Through the linkage of data from diverse sources and the utilization of data analysis tools, the showcase facilitates access to and visualization of relevant physico-chemical data, GHS and toxicology data, as well as predictions of water solubility and surface adsorption.
Created on May 01, 2024
Thumbnail of Showcase 1: Chemistry Knowledge Graph - Marine, Air Quality and Nanoparticles
The CMCL showcase addresses complex air quality issues for port cities, which are strongly influenced by shipping emissions. The showcase is powered by CMCL's The World Avatarâ„¢ (TWA) technology that helps semantically connect heterogeneous sources of data and both commercial and open-source software to enable interoperability and cross-domain decision support.

The CMCL showcase contributes to DOME 4.0's overarching objectives by serving as a real-world example of cross-domain data sharing in the context of maritime air quality. The showcase is being integrated into the DOME 4.0 ecosystem and connects databases comprising weather, ship location, types of ships, local port-area built environment, etc. with high-fidelity software estimating emissions dispersion. In doing so, this showcase demonstrates multisided attributes of the Marketplace ecosystem in that CMCL becomes both a data consumer and a data provider. DOME 4.0 enables companies such as CMCL to better serve their customers (e.g., local authorities and city councils) by offering digital virtual sensors for air quality.
Created on Jan 10, 2024
Thumbnail of Showcase 2: Lightweight Construction - Fibre Reinforced Plastics
How DOME4.0 helps design engineers get reliable material data for structural simulation

Designing structures requires numerical simulation to avoid costly mistakes. However, the accuracy of the simulation depends on the quality of the material data, which often comes from different sources and may not include all the relevant factors. That’s why DOME4.0, a universal data exchange platform, offers a solution. DOME4.0 provides a large variety of material data sets and links with other platforms, making it easy for design engineers to find and use the most reliable data for their simulations. This improves the quality of the simulation results and saves time and money. DOME4.0 is especially useful for small and medium enterprises that lack testing facilities and material expertise.
Created on Jan 10, 2024

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