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The first version of the DOME 4.0 (Digital Open Marketplace Ecosystem) platform is out! DOME 4.0 offers exciting opportunities for companies and businesses in a wide range of industries to share and trade their data in an efficient and secure manner. This essentially increases their visibility and impact and facilitates the exchange of knowledge in the respective industrial fields.

DOME 4.0 platform implements ontology-driven semantic data interoperability from the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML). This allows for a more efficient and intelligent search across databases and provides the users with more accurate, precise results.

During the design of the platform, we demonstrated the added values of DOME 4.0 by incorporating 9 different B2B success stories that cover a wide range of topics (nanomaterials, manufacturing equipment, processes, and lightweight construction). We believe DOME 4.0 has a great potential to promote the growth of various industries and help push the frontiers of research and development.

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Created on Jan 10, 2024

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